Barbara Dale is just awesome!

Barbara Dale is one of the pioneers of alternative greeting cards in the United
States. The Washington Post described her and her generation of card designers
as having, “changed the face of the nearly 7 billion cards Americans sent to each
other last year.” In the book, “A Gallery of Rogues: Cartoonists’ Self-Characatures”
published by Ohio State University she’s described as, “Specializing in off-the-wall
humor of the taste-expanding variety.” Barbara’s worked with numerous card and
gift industry manufacturers such as Recycled Paper Products, Andrews and McMeel,
Carol Wilson, The Ink Group, and Wild Card. Currently, her cards are published in
the United States by Sellers Publishing, Inc and RSVP Cards. She’s the co-author
and illustrator of two humor books, “The Working Woman Book” and “The Joys
of Motherhood” published by Andrews and McMeel. She also co-authored and
illustrated a syndicated panel, “The Stanley Family” with Universal Press Syndicate
in 1990. She’s exhibited her paintings and prints in several one-woman and group
shows and has work represented in numerous private and museum collections.
Barbara is currently writing a novel.