Chris Schechner and Who is under your bed?

Chris Schechner called me today and made my day. Thank you Chris. I always love to get emails, FB messages, and phone calls from people who are contributing. If they would just pick me up and buy me drinks! One can only dream.
Please read his Bio. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
I have been an art director and illustrator for over 35 years. Most recently,
I was the art director of Pockets magazine for 25 years. I have owned my
own studio, Schechner & Associates, since 1985. I have done design and
illustration for numerous clients. My journal in cartoon form can be found at
When I found out about Team Cul De Sac, I was excited to participate because first
of all, I love Richard’s creation. It would be a great chance to honor this wonderful
strip. Secondly, I want to encourage everyone with disabilities to achieve all they
can. As the result of a diving accident nearly 40 years ago, I have been quadriplegic
and I have continued drawing and creating art since then despite having my fingers
paralyzed and having limited use of my arms. We all struggle with some form of
obstacle and it is important to push ourselves to reach beyond expectations. Thanks
Richard, for providing this platform.