Chris Schweizer jumps for TCDS

I meet Chris last year at Heroescons. Not only did Chris,Shannon,Craig,Mike,Richard and I all have dinner together I got a chance to buy two books in the The Crogan Aventures series. Folks, these are a must read at any age! Chris is a big fan of Richards and I hope you check out . Chris, see you in about a week! Thank you for being such a big supporter of TCDS. Here is a note from Chris about Cul de Sac and a little bio on him.

My note on Cul de Sac:

Cul de Sac is, of course, the best drawn and funniest strip to come along since Calvin and Hobbes, and is one of the best ever made, which naturally earns Richard my respect. His handling of Alice, Dill, and Petey, however, has earned him my jaw-on-the-floor awe.
I genuinely believe that Richard understands children better than any writer – and not just of comics – that has come before him. I know that this is a grandiose statement, and I do not say it lightly. Most of us cartoonists are kids at heart, and hopefully have a little insight, but Richard so deftly presents the logic of the little that it makes the rest of us look like gripey old curmudgeons. For that, and for the hours of joy that come from reading his strip and sharing it with my family and friends, I offer him my sincerest thanks.
My bio:
Chris Schweizer is the author of The Crogan Aventures, a graphic novel series that chronicles the exploits of the fictitious Crogan family line at different points throughout history. He lives in Marietta, GA with his wife and daughter, and teaches comics at SCAD-Atlanta.