Jason Dodge Says

Jason had so much fun.. he sent us another cool submission.

Jason Dodge is a very talented illustrator who is nice enough to help Team Cul de Sac out! I hope everyone enjoys this contribution! Here is a few words from Jason:

I have worked for some small local publications in the past. I’m a part-time freelance illustrator and cartoonist from Burlington, Vermont. I currently publish two web cartoons. Both of which are single panel gag cartoons. One for the Life With Dogs website (Fudge & Friends). This website is one of the top three dog related websites in the world. It gets tens of thousands of unique views each week and has several hundred thousand regular followers. This is why I chose my Fudge & Friends cartoon for your project (exposure for your auction and book).
The other cartoon I publish is called “To Err Is Bovine”. It was named as one of the finalists in the recent Cartoonist Studios contest. I actually have a pretty funny idea for Team Cul De Sac using this one as well. It’s a pretty new cartoon and does not get nearly as many views, but you can find it here: http://jasonsdrawingboard.blogspot.com/