Jay Stephens and Family

Here is what Jay said about our family. Thank you Jay. We are family, thank you for sharing.
“Cartoonists are a tight-knit bunch.
A couple of years ago I spent 8 weeks in hospital recuperating from the rather nasty side effects of debilitating mental illness. As part of the ongoing treatment, my doctor recommended openly discussing my clinical depression with others, which I did, and continue to do. As expected, the diagnosis scared off many friends and family, some of whom abandoned me to my fate.
But not the cartoonists.
By a wide margin, those in the cartooning profession extended the most heartfelt sympathies, the kindest words of support, and extended the warmest hands of friendship. I felt so encouraged by that unconditional support, and will never forget it.
Cartoonists let me know in no uncertain terms that they are Family. Richard Thompson is my Brother. This is for him.”