Reflecting on 2012

Chris Sparks here,with only hours left in 2012, I wanted to send a note
thanking  the contributors, auction
winners, book buyers, donors, cheerleaders,all of the fine folks at the
Michael J Fox Foundation, anyone I forgot to mention and of course Richard Thompson.
From that moment, the wheels were turning and with Richards
blessing Team Cul de Sac started in 2010 with a donation to Team Fox for $50.00
from me to start Team Cul de Sac.
In 2011, we sold prints signed by Richard, TCDS t-shirts and
had a drink and draw evening at Heroescon . We raised over four thousand
This year we had many ways to raise money for Michael J Fox
Foundation. We had a wonderful auction, the book was released, a drink and draw
and Heroescon, donations from Sparking Design who donated money from book sales
from our website, the TCDS fanzine, we even had a few signed copies by Richard,
Bill and Nick. Also a bunch of folks donated money to Team Cul de Sac.

My favorite moments for Team Cul de Sac in 2012:

Opening the advance copies of the book in May!  This was a very satisfying moment seeing
everything coming together.
Meeting or receiving emails from friends, family members and
folks with Parkinson’s. Their love and friendship made this journey so meaningful.
Sneak peak of the book to the contributors and other
cartoonists and the NCS awards in Las Vegas.
I signed the first copy of Team Cul de Sac to Michael J Fox
and I attended the MJFF Gala in NYC. A special thank you goes to Katy Robbins
Reitz for all of her hard work at Team Fox.
Engineering a Bill Watterson and
Richard Thompson gathering. Without a doubt, two of the greatest cartoonists to spill ink
on paper. Fun times for all.
I had my first book signing with
Richard and having over ten other TCDS contributors at One More Page in
Arlington VA.
Watching the end of the auction
unfold and amazed by the money we made!
Having Jennifer my wife, Emily my
daughter and my business partner Jamie, at the book signing at Politics and
Prose in Washington DC.
Being a guest at Heroescon (plus drink
and draw for Team Cul de Sac) and being a guest at Baltimorecon and the Harvey
Awards. FUN times and great support from so many people!
Meeting contributors throughout
the year and knowing we will have made over $100.000 with the matching funds
this year.  
Thank you to everyone who made
this year a success and raising awareness for Parkinson’s research. Big thanks to Craig,Katy,Mike(s),Nick Bill and Richard. 
Much love and admiration,
Stay tuned to our blog and facebook page for news on upcoming news!